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Have you ever felt so drained after stressful days of work and just wanted a remedy to pull yourself together? Congrats, DJ Nails & Spa, a nail salon peacefully rests in Spring, TX 77386, is the answer you’re looking for.

Top nail salons in 77386

Hi Everyone, I’m Justin Vo – DJ Nails & Spa’s owner who has been serving in the nail & skincare industry for the past 10 years. If you’re a local living in Spring and are searching for the top nail salons in 77386, DJ Nails & Spa’s won’t let you down.

Beautiful nail art

Unleash your creativity for beautiful nail art with our wide range of hundreds of polishes; an array of gels, acrylics, and dip powder; and a collection of trendy pattern palettes.

The best dip powder nails

Long-lasting just like gel, anti-chipping and durable like acrylics; plus is odorless, fast-drying, and doesn’t require a cure under UV light, dip powder nails have been a godsend since it hit the scene.
At DJ Nails & Spa, every technician has a certificate, so they will perform the best dip powder nails that mesmerize every client.

Favorite nails and spa

DJ Nails & Spa has many loyal customers who have accompanied us for years and we value them. From manicure to pedicure and microblading, we do them with our best ability so that when asked about their favorite nails and spa, ‘DJ Nails & Spa’ on Rayford Rd #400, Spring, TX 77386 will always be the first name to pop up in their mind.

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Born Simple – Stay Special!

Be it a simple one-color coat or a repetitive design on your dainty fingers ; you can rely on us for a number of choices that will genuinely leave you amazed . Stay simple yet different from the world , get your favorite set of nails today!


Wendy Rivas | Client

when I recently moved to this area I tried several different nail salons. since going to DJ nails I loved the results I’ve been getting my nails done for 20 yrs so I know what I was looking for. now my 19yr old daughter gets her nails done here too. Tina is great so is Justin.

Nena Maldonado | Client

i have been here twice, besides waiting more than an hour. They did a horrible job, the girl didn’t know what she was doing, the old guy was showing her the whole time. I’ll never come back here, and they still expected a tip smh I don’t recommend this place.

Megan Tijerina | Client

Always a good time in the salon! All of the staff is amazing from the pedicures, manicurists, & the full sets. Anyone will do a beautiful job. I highly recommend!